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Mixed seeds and Lesliei Albinica seeds from eBAY. Planted March 28th, 2013.

Then & Now

Last year, around this time, I was admiring my first homegrown seedlings.  They had just gone through their first leaf renewal and I remember being very impressed by some of the bright colors and intricate patterns I got out of the packages of mixed seeds I planted.  This one was definitely one of my favorites…remember him?  It was the most stunning little seedling out of the whole bunch!


I thought it would fun to share what it looks like now that it is a year older.  It’s gone through a few leaf renewals and it seems that the markings get more and more defined with every shed.  I still haven’t figured out what species it is, but I certainly remain impressed by it.  Pretty little thing, don’t you think?   🙂




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I’ve moved the adult Lithops outside to the greenhouse for the summer.  They seem to be loving it!  My keepers from 2013 have undergone a few renewals so far and I think will go through a few more before they settle down.  My 3 year olds are also loving the warm days and cool nights.  Julii Fulleri ‘Limelight’ is in the process of dividing so that’s really the big news around here right now.  I have a couple other double headed Lithops here, but this is the first time I’ve had a single divide while under my care!  The adults are looking so robust and healthy; I can’t wait to see what they put out for flowers in the Fall 😀



Big Day for the Homegrown Lithops!

My homegrown lithops are now unruly teenagers at one year of age.  Many have gone through two or three regenerations already so I decided it’s time to start treating them like grown-ups.  I’ll tell ya, it was a tough a decision.  I know transplanting a Lithops is risky at this age and it truly was my hope to stretch it until they were two years old, but there was overcrowding and I felt they needed an opportunity to spread out and grow!

I choose to re-pot the yearlings into the adult soil mix.  Again, I might regret that decision later but if all goes well, I would like to avoid re-potting for the next few years so putting them into their permanent substrate made sense. 

These are my keepers…


In addition to re-potting my keepers from last year’s Spring planting session, I took the initiative to sow some of the many seeds I received over the winter.  I’ve planted what seems like a gazillion Aucampiae of various varieties.  I even have some Aucampiae Storms ‘Snowcap’ on the way!  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll work on sowing some Hallii seeds 🙂


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This little guy has earned my respect.  It’s a year old and only the size of a pin head, but somehow, it made it through the winter!  Isn’t it pretty?!?  I love this little one 🙂



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Still the Undisputed Favorite!

This Lithops is still my undisputed favorite out of all 70 yearlings.  It’s new leaves are fully emerged now; just waiting for the old leaves to dry up and shrivel away.  I love the deep reticulations on this particular plant.  It is very unique amongst my collection; one of a kind.  And continues to lead the pack in achieving all major milestones – first to shed it baby leaves, first to renew it’s adult leaves, first to ask for water 🙂


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