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Dorotheae – 2014 & 2015

I ended up with only two Dorotheae ‘Zorro’ seedlings surviving out of ten seeds.  They are very different from each other so I’ll be interested to see how they mature.  The pink one is easy to identify because it has a perfect little red ‘x’ on one lobe.

lithops_dorotheae zorro_2015_11252015

The 2014 plants continue to do well.  The ‘Zorro’ is, of course, stunning, but check out the plant at the top left of the photo.  Wow!  🙂



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L. Olivacea Nebrownii & Fulviceps V Fulviceps

lithops_Olivacea Fulviceps_2015_11252015

And a lovely pot of mixed Hallii. I know for sure I have some C174, C119, and C135 in this pot, but the rest were from a mixed bag of mystery Hallii seeds.  I love the two orange ones 🙂

lithops_Mixed Hallii_2015_11252015


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Final Watering of 2015

I watered the Lithops for the final time on the weekend.  Now they prepare for their winter slumber and annual renewal.  It’s sad to know that they will be sleeping for the next few months, but I look forward to seeing their new leaves in the Spring 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites.  This represents 5 out of approximately 30 pots.  I’ll post more pictures as the weeks go by.


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My Favorite

I think, if something were to happen and I could only keep one pot of Lithops, this would be the pot I’d want to keep!

These plants are 2.5 years old and were grown from seed 🙂



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