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L.Dortheae Update

The young Dortheae seedlings are doing very well!  The only change I’ve made for these seedlings over the ‘pepper cremes’ is to their water.  I’m not using my well water this time…I’m melting snow for them (we have lots of that right now!).

This week, I will be thinning them out.  They have grown in quite thick in spots, as you can see.


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Mixed Dorotheae – 1 Week Old

Here are our little Dorotheae seedlings.  They have nice color and the fissures are already visible.  I think this is a good batch.


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We Have Seedlings!

We have seedlings!  Many of them!!!  The Dorotheae seeds have sprouted and are looking strong.

Pictures soon 😀

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Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – 4 mos, 1 wk

4 months and 1 week old and I do say, I think they are finally growing.  I have the seedlings under fluorescent lighting with the light source a mere 1/2 inch above the pot.  Seems to be doing the trick.  But…just as the seedlings finally start making gains, I’ve run into a ladybug problem!  The ladybugs are coming in from outside, looking for a warm place to stay over the winter and seem delighted to find sweet succulent Lithops to curb their appetites.  I find ladybugs in the pot feasting on our seedlings every time I look.  Not sure what to do about this problem 😦



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Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – 4 months

I am starting to worry about these seedlings.  I am in Canada and the weather is turning cold!  It is cold in my house…I was hoping these seedlings would be further along by now and better able to handle the winter :/

I think they *may* be a tad bigger then they were two weeks ago.10292017

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