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2015 Seedling Count

It’s been a week and a half and so far, this is what we have:

  • 5 Terricolor ‘Speckled Gold’
  • 3 Dorotheae ‘Zorro’
  • 10 Mystery Seedlings

I’m a little disappointed with the ‘Zorro’ germination rate (30%), but won’t be uncovering them for a few more days; hopefully at lease a couple more pop up.  Fingers crossed!

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Well, the Conophytum look thoroughly sad, so…I guess I’m doing it right???



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A Jelly Belly!

Have you ever seen a Lithops as stunning as my little ‘Zorro’?  I’m so so so proud of this one!  I think he looks just like a Jelly Belly 🙂

Hopefully we get more ‘Zorro’ seedlings in 2015 so I have something to cross pollinate this guy with!



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2015 Seeds

The 2015 seeds were planted tonight.  We should have seedlings in the next 7 days or so!  I planted Terricolor ‘Speckled Gold’, Dorotheae ‘Zorro’, and…

“you’ll have to wait to see what comes up in pot number three” – haha! 😀


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And The Winner Is…

You guys really like your Terricolor ‘Speckled Gold’s’!  When I held the poll for favorite cultivar, ‘Speckled Gold’ came out on top and now again, in the most recent poll (What Should I Plant in 2015), ‘Speckled Gold’ is number one.  Well, your wish is my command.  I will sow a pot of ‘Speckled Gold’ just for you 🙂

Second in the poll was Dorotheae ‘Zorro’.  Not a surprise.  Perhaps you all know that is my favorite 😉

Lastly, there was a tie between Hallii ‘Green Soapstone’ and ‘Vallis-Mariae’.  These two couldn’t be more different so it’s going to be tough to decide.  So…I’m going to close my eyes and pick one!  And it’s going to be a surprise – haha!  And thanks to everyone for participating in my poll ❤

Stay tuned for the new 2015 seedlings soon!!!  FUN!

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