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Wake Up!!!

Have your Lithops started to wake from their winter slumber yet?  Some of mine are well on their way 🙂



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Happy Sowing Day, Conophytum!!!

The Conophytum are two years old (in two days)!!!  Aren’t they lovely?!  No blooms yet but all the plants are healthy and happy so I expect some blooms soon 🙂


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Observation #1 – 1/20/2016

Part of the fun of keeping Lithops is learning how to better take care of them.  I’m going to keep a series of observations whenever I run into trouble and maybe we can find a pattern and a solution for better care!

Observation #1 is that the Lithops that live on the window sill are doing better then the Lithops that are growing under lights.  So perhaps my winter blah plants are being affected more by day length then lack of water…or a combination of the two.  Hmmmmm…

What do you think?

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Winter Blahs

Some of the Lithops are looking pretty rough right now.  I suspect there will be some losses.  I’m not sure what is different over past years, but they seem to be a little worse for wear right now :/

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2015 Vallis Marie

The 2015 Vallis Marie seedlings are growing like weeds!  I got quite a few strong ones coming along.  So far, I haven’t repotted them or really disturbed them too much at all.  I think they are beautiful 🙂


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