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These are both last year’s seedlings.  They are maturing nicely!

This is Verruculosa ‘Rose of Texas’.  They are a year and three months old.  I have seven in total but only two are shedding right now.  I’m loving the red ‘blood spots’ coming through.  The spots are typical of many (maybe all???) Verruculosa and I use them to identify the species often.  Of course, the most interesting characteristic of this particular cultivar is the pink blooms (most Lithops have yellow or white blooms) but these particular plants are much too young for that 🙂


These are my Fulviceps V Fulviceps and Olivacea V. Nebrownii yearlings.  They are exactly 12 months old today; happy sowing day little guys!!!  I planted these ones late in the season as I had an extra pot and some spare seeds and this is what I got!  There are six Fulviceps and three Olivacea.  The Olivacea took a really long time to come up and I thought I wasn’t going to get any, so I’m more then pleased with three!  Fulviceps also have spots, but they are unlike those of Verruculosa.  Verruculosa spots really do look like little drops of fresh blood.  Fulviceps spots are more like the mottled skin of a toad.



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Helloooooo in there! This ‘nugget’ is going to shed out to a double.


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2015 ‘Zorro’

This first ‘Zorro’ baby of 2015 has arrived!  Isn’t she a beauty?!


And this is her future propagating mate.  This one is from my 2014 seedlings 🙂


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Oh my goodness!  I’m soooooo excited (yes, I’m a botany geek)!!!  The conophytum have come back to life and they look perfect!  I was so skeptical but everything I read was true.  They shrivel up to nothing over the summer (seriously, they were just dried up paper sheaths and I was ready to dispose of them) but come back to life with the first watering of Fall!

They did come back to life; they did!!!!  😀


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Let Your Lava Flow Baby


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