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Mixed seeds from Morgan and Thompson. Planted March 8th, 2013. Three of forty seeds germinated.

Lot #1 Revisted

Lot #1 was actually my second attempt at growing Lithops from seed.  My first attempt failed miserably and was the catalyst for me to actually do some research and learn about how to care for Lithops properly.  Lot #1 was sown in a glass sealer jar.  Not my most brilliant decision and I ended up having to re-pot them when they were only a few months old.  Originally, I had three seedlings; two survived re-potting and are now almost a year old!  This Lot is from a mixed Lot of seed I found at a local green house so I don’t have a positive ID on them yet.  Both share similar characteristics and closely resemble a seedling I have in Lot #2.  I imagine I will group them together eventually.


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My! What BIG Windows you Have!

This little guy is from my first Lot of mixed seeds.  No idea what it is but I think it will be very easy to ID later on as those are some pretty neat windows!  This is the only seedling out of 50 or so to have windows like this 🙂


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September 14th, 2013 – Photoshoot :)

The whole ‘family’ 🙂


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What Else is New?

As I mentioned in a previous post, there is lots going on in the seedling pots.  Many young seedlings are starting their first leaf renewal.

I was very excited to see one of the seedlings in Lot #1 is starting to split open.  This lot was sown in a sealer jar and needed to be transplanted.  It took a long time for them to establish secure roots in their new pot and I feared that the early move may have damaged or permanently stunted them.  Thank goodness I didn’t give up on them!


Next up, the Karasmontana ‘Lateritia’ pot.  There are three seedlings starting their renewal in this pot but this little guy is the furthest along.  You can already see the striking red/orange pattern starting to show.  I’m excited to see how they mature.  There are many gorgeous Karasmontana’s out there and ‘Lateritia’ is among the prettiest in my opinion  🙂


And lastly, we have Julii Fulleri Rouxii.  Interesting how this one is choosing to emerge.  It’s somewhat pointed.  Hopefully things level out for it soon!  This is another Lithops that I find particularly attractive, albeit, in a more understated way.


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The Nursery

I took inventory today.  I have 74 Lithops seedlings.  How did that happen!

The oldest seedlings are now 14 weeks, the ones in the large pot are 11 weeks, and the babies are 8 weeks.  Holy slow growing Batman!  I expect the oldest guys will start thinking about growing some adult leaves soon…our next milestone.  Everyone seems to be doing well, especially the youngest ones, so I’m hopeful I’ll have a nice little collection in a year or two 🙂


A group shot…this is everyone!Image


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