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An Amazing Tale

Here’s an amazing and true tale.

Last year, my friend purchased a pot full of Lithops from a very reputable seller in Australia.  Sadly, her dogs ate them shortly after she recieved them.  She never told me about this until just this week when she contacted me full of excitement!  She had scooped all the soil back into the pot at the time of the Lithops demise and never gave it another thought until over a year later when she retrieved the pot to sow some new seeds.  Low and behold, there were two Lithops growing in the discarded pot!  No water or care what so ever for over a year and they were not only able to establish themselves, they were able to thrive!

If that is not a testament to how robust Lithops are and how strong their will to survive is, I don’t know what else to say.  And if you take anything away from this story, let it be that Lithops are well equipt to survive without our help (or interference).  So stop over watering 😀

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2015 ‘Zorro’

I think one of the two is worthy of propagation!


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2014 Hallii

I’ve noticed that last year’s seedlings are staying really tiny.  Hallii is no exception.  I am, however, very pleased with how healthy and robust they are!  I love the colors in this pot.

These plants are all in the same pot but they are in clumps so it was hard to get everyone in the same shot.  I thinned them a bit when they first came up but have not transplanted these yet.  No worries, they seem to be doing fine.

I have one weirdo in the pot.  Can you find it?  🙂


I must apologize for neglecting the blog recently.  I bought a new home in the country and will be moving soon!  I have a bit of land now and plan to open a green house for Lithops and their relatives ❤


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