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First True Leaves…

Two of the 2014 seedlings have undergone their first shed and I FINALLY get to see their true leaves.  I have one Aucampie and one Dorotheae – both are 5 months old in a couple days.

I’m obviously very excited about the new babies but my excitement is tempered by some disappointment.  The plastic pots I used this year are staying too moist and I’m losing more seedlings then I’d like.  I don’t think I lost any last year while using clay pots, soooooooooooooooooooooo…I HATE plastic pots and will never use them for seedlings again  >8(

Anyway, here are the new babies showing off their big plant leaves.  Aren’t they the cutest?!

007 002


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Tough Love

I’m practicing the concept of ‘Tough Love’ with my yearling Lithops.  It’s hard…on me.  If you noticed my post on the violent leaf renewal a few of the yearlings are going through right now, I stated that I was going to withhold water under the new plants emerge and the old leaves are almost fully absorbed.  This is consistent with the treatment for adult Lithops, the difference being the yearlings are all out of whack with their timing and really shouldn’t be renewing at this time of year.  Anyway, the pots are dry and I can see some of the plants are becoming quite pouty.  When I look closely, however, I can see most of them are starting to split open and I can see new plants forming inside.  Let’s hope those that are not split, but still very wrinkly, are planning a renewal at this time too and I’m not just depriving them of water for nothing!


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Dinteranthus `Vanzylii Pofadder’ Update

It’s been nine (9) days since my Dinteranthus seeds were sown and still, no sign of any seedlings.  They are proving as difficult to germinate as their reputation suggests.  I was very close to sowing some mixed Halli seeds on top of them tonight but decided I could let them go for another week or so before I give up.  Frustrating!

On a related note, I have six (6) brand new Terricolor ‘Silver Spurs’ starting.  They are 11 days old and starting to strengthen up.  As I look at all the pots on my windowsill, I wonder where I’ll be putting everyone once the 2014 seedlings are mature enough to re-pot.  Lithops are like potato chips; you can’t have just one!


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