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What’s Next

Dearest Lithops Lovers!  Now that the Dorotheae are well on their way, what would you like to see next?  Let’s take a vote (comment below)…

(1)  L. Schwantesii, or…

(2)  L. Terricolor

I have quite a few seeds (and varieties) of each so let me know your preference.  I’ll announce the winning sub-species on September 1st.

I’m also going to start a pot of ‘Green Soapstone’ and ‘Rubra’.  I don’t have many seeds of these varieties so I’m not going to get too excited about them yet (still thinking about my failed attempt at growing ‘Peppermint Creme’.



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4 Months


Many, if not most, of the Dorotheae seedlings we are following have substantially shed their baby leaves.  There are a few stunning examples of Dorotheae in the mix including at least one well marked ‘Zorro’.

What do you think of them?


Of course, I need to ‘thin the herd’ so to speak, but its a challenge deciding who should be culled and who should be allowed to develop further.  I’m always worried that the one I cull, will be the crème de la crèmeI think I will let them develop a bit more and decide once I am sure what all their patterns will be.  I’m happy with the mix so far.


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Grrr …quite sure we have some conophytum seedlings mixed in with our baby dorotheae.  This is bad news; Conophytum have exactly the opposite requirements as Lithops!

Pics soon.





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We Have Seedlings!

We have seedlings!  Many of them!!!  The Dorotheae seeds have sprouted and are looking strong.

Pictures soon 😀

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Giving UP

Hey Guys,

It’s with a heavy a heart that I report I am thinking of giving up on our little “Peppermint Creme” seedlings.  They simply aren’t doing anything.  They aren’t growing and they aren’t dying…they are in Lithops Limbo.  Not a nice place to be.

I don’t intend to cull these seedlings, but simply hope to start a fresh pot that we can follow.  Is it possible that the “Peppermint Creme” seedlings were duds from the start?  Is my new house too cold, too dark, do I have funny water?  I am at a loss; I have not had difficulty growing Lithops from seed in the past.


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