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Big Day for the Homegrown Lithops!

My homegrown lithops are now unruly teenagers at one year of age.  Many have gone through two or three regenerations already so I decided it’s time to start treating them like grown-ups.  I’ll tell ya, it was a tough a decision.  I know transplanting a Lithops is risky at this age and it truly was my hope to stretch it until they were two years old, but there was overcrowding and I felt they needed an opportunity to spread out and grow!

I choose to re-pot the yearlings into the adult soil mix.  Again, I might regret that decision later but if all goes well, I would like to avoid re-potting for the next few years so putting them into their permanent substrate made sense. 

These are my keepers…


In addition to re-potting my keepers from last year’s Spring planting session, I took the initiative to sow some of the many seeds I received over the winter.  I’ve planted what seems like a gazillion Aucampiae of various varieties.  I even have some Aucampiae Storms ‘Snowcap’ on the way!  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll work on sowing some Hallii seeds 🙂


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Today’s Eye Candy

A bowl full of Lithops Karasmontana ‘Lateritia’ 🙂



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Karasmontana Seedlings

The surviving “Lateritia” seedlings.  They are looking pretty good 🙂



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The Nursery

I took inventory today.  I have 74 Lithops seedlings.  How did that happen!

The oldest seedlings are now 14 weeks, the ones in the large pot are 11 weeks, and the babies are 8 weeks.  Holy slow growing Batman!  I expect the oldest guys will start thinking about growing some adult leaves soon…our next milestone.  Everyone seems to be doing well, especially the youngest ones, so I’m hopeful I’ll have a nice little collection in a year or two 🙂


A group shot…this is everyone!Image


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