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Mystery seedling continues to thrive!  One of my character flaws is that I’m drawn to the underdog.  I LOVE this little guy 🙂


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The New Mastering the Art of Growing Mesembs Article

I found this great on-line article by Steven Hammer and wanted to share it with you guys…

It’s a technical piece that outlines general care of Mesembs and then there is a little blurb unique to each genus.  Sadly, this is the most exhaustive article I’ve found on rearing Conophytums – haha!

I was particularly interested in the section that discussed substrate and soil mixtures.  Steven Hammer recommends something he calls ‘mabel-mix’.  It’s essentially 50% loam, 25% course sand, and 25% pumice.  He varies the size of the pumice in relation to the size/age of the plant and adds more humus for seedlings.  This is an interesting mix and if I could find some loam, I would try it.  It’s important to note, as Steven Hammer does in the article, that he lives in an arid climate and the mix might not work as well under humid conditions.  Ottawa certainly is humid so it may not be ideal here, but I’d still like to try it.  Apparently, Mr. Hammer grows all his Mesembs in mabel-mix.


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‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season for…Conophytum!  I sowed two new pots today.  Fingers crossed for some Conophytum Obcordellum and Conophytum Ursprungianum seedlings in the next week or so 🙂

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2014 Dorotheae KEEPERS <3

I’ve selected my keepers from the 2014 lot of Dorotheae seedlings.  I managed to whittle it down to six!  They’ve been assigned ID 2014-004b and I’ll add them to the photo gallery once I’m sure all six are going to make it.  They’ve been transplanted into a more suitable substrate for Lithops and any kind of move like this can be stressful on such young plants.  Fingers crossed!

Edit:  The substrate I used for these seedlings is Pumice, Quartz (chicken grit #2), Diatomaceous Earth, and Volcanic Soil at a ratio of 1:1:1:1.


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2015 Line Up

The new seeds are starting to come in! On the roster for 2015, we have…

  • C166 Vallis-Mariae
  • C111A Hallii var. Ochracea cv “Green Soapstone”
  • Dorotheae ‘Zorro’ (only 10 seeds…there was a cap on how many I could buy)
  • C124 Dorotheae
  • F357 Dorotheae
  • C300 Dorotheae
  • C345A Terricolor ‘Speckled Gold’ (I had to get some after they won our poll on favorite Lithops cultivars 🙂 )
  • C146 Schwantesii
  • C165 Schwantesii Gebseri
  • C074 Schwantesii Urikosensis

And then…I have a bit of a confession to make. I’ve recently become interested in other Mesembs and have some different types of seeds coming. These would be…

  • Monilaria Moniliformis
  • Frithia Humilis
  • Frithia Pulchra
  • Titanopsis Hugo-Schlechteri
  • Titanopsis Schwantesii

I’m really going to need a greenhouse now!  And once everything is nicely established, I’ve decided to join our local cactus & succulent guild.  It will be fun to meet some like minded people 🙂


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