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2015 Seeds

The 2015 seeds were planted tonight.  We should have seedlings in the next 7 days or so!  I planted Terricolor ‘Speckled Gold’, Dorotheae ‘Zorro’, and…

“you’ll have to wait to see what comes up in pot number three” – haha! 😀


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Terricolor Silver Spurs Baby

Six months old!  Only three of ten seeds germinated and I lost one, so I have two strong (but tiny) ‘Silver Spur’ babies.  They are on opposite sides of the pot which will make photographing them together difficult – haha!


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L. Terricolr Peersii

I’ve always loved Terricolors. I have a secret obsession with them, actually. I think the draw is their coloration. They remind me of the mottled skins of elephants with their pink and purple hues and grey spots (the windows). I used to believe Terricolors were underrepresented in Lithops culture and certainly under-appreciated. I was delighted to see they rose to the top in the ‘favorite cultivar’ survey I held a couple months ago!

These are one year old Terricolor Peersii (catalogue #2014-11). I imported them from Germany and am happy to report that they are doing well and none the worse for wear after their long trip. They seem quite hardy and I’m hopeful they are going to do well here. I have read that this variety of Terricolor does tend to be a bit smaller than other Lithops and these particular plants are showing to be petite in stature so perhaps it is true.  They will have yellow blooms once mature and with the nice color variations I’m already seeing in this pot, I think once they are in bloom, it will be a sight to behold for sure!



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Terricolor ‘Silver Spurs’ – 24 days old

The new Terricolor seedlings are doing great!  I sowed 10 seeds, 7 germinated, and 5 have thrived!  I can’t wait to see these guys all grown up!

In related news, I did not get ONE Dinteranthus seed to germinate.  I waited a month just in case they were slow, but sadly, nothing pushed through that sand.  I will try again, but for now, I re-sowed that pot with some Hallii seeds.  I chose a mix of 10 seeds I got straight from Africa and topped off the Lot with some C174.  Can’t wait to see what I get  🙂


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