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Happy Sowing Day! 1 Year old :)

Today marks one year since I sowed Verruculosa ‘Rose of Texas’.  I have 7 gorgeous plants from that sowing and they are doing very well!  You can certainly see the characteristic dots on the new leaves that Verruculosa is so famous for.  They look like pin pricks or spider eyes to me (ewwww…spiders!) – haha!

I can’t wait to share their blooms.  These particular Lithops have pink flowers rather then the standard yellow or white 🙂

rose of texas

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2014 Hallii

I’m so proud of these!  There are 23 in total.  We have some mixed seedlings in addition to C174, C119, and C135 – a nice variety.  There is also a misc. seedling in there.  I have no idea what it is as I sowed the Hallii seeds into a pot of failed ‘something’ and didn’t record what that ‘something’ was.  All I know is, it is very very green and appears to be tri-lobed.  The Hallii are 8 months old.



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2015 Dorotheae ‘Zorro’

I pulled out the magnifying glass and a flashlight and did a recount of the ‘Zorro’ seedlings and there are TEN!  Woot woot!  All ten seeds germinated!!!

They are super tiny (way smaller then the Terricolor or Mystery seedlings) so fingers crossed we get a high survival rate!  It is looking favorable though 🙂

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