Monthly Archives: June 2014

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I’ve moved the adult Lithops outside to the greenhouse for the summer.  They seem to be loving it!  My keepers from 2013 have undergone a few renewals so far and I think will go through a few more before they settle down.  My 3 year olds are also loving the warm days and cool nights.  Julii Fulleri ‘Limelight’ is in the process of dividing so that’s really the big news around here right now.  I have a couple other double headed Lithops here, but this is the first time I’ve had a single divide while under my care!  The adults are looking so robust and healthy; I can’t wait to see what they put out for flowers in the Fall 😀



2014 Kids – Update!

The 2014 seedlings are between one and two months old.  They are doing great!  I estimate I have approximately 300 and check it out, even my Otzeniana seedlings have germinated!  Most of the seedlings are cultivars this year and come from Germany and New Mexico.  I have a really nice mix and can’t wait to watch them mature 🙂

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