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I’ve moved the adult Lithops outside to the greenhouse for the summer.  They seem to be loving it!  My keepers from 2013 have undergone a few renewals so far and I think will go through a few more before they settle down.  My 3 year olds are also loving the warm days and cool nights.  Julii Fulleri ‘Limelight’ is in the process of dividing so that’s really the big news around here right now.  I have a couple other double headed Lithops here, but this is the first time I’ve had a single divide while under my care!  The adults are looking so robust and healthy; I can’t wait to see what they put out for flowers in the Fall 😀



Lot #3 Update

My pure strain Lithops were planted in Lot #3.  I planted Otzeniana, Julli Fulleri Rouxii, and Karasmontana Lateritia.  I had a great germination rate in two out of three pots and two out of three pots continue to thrive today!  The temperamental one of the bunch, remains Otzeniana.  I sowed 10 Otzeniana seeds but only one germinated.  To this day, it has yet to shed it’s baby leaves.  But there is hope…the fissure is starting to open…it’s just in no rush at all!



A Late Bloomer

Lithops Otzeniana is my problem child. 

I’m very proud of my growing Lithops collection.  I love looking after them and watching the subtle and not so subtle changes they go through on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  I worry about their future as Lot #1, #2, and #3 are the very first attempts I’ve made at growing Lithops from seed.  It’s all new to me.  Even today, I know it’s the winter season and my adults are going without water until Spring, but what about the young seedlings that aren’t even a year old yet?  I’ve decided to continue watering them.  I think I will start treating them as adults next winter.  I mean, some of them have only shed their baby leaves a few weeks ago and some are still in the process of going through their first leaf renewal!

This brings me to Lithops Otzeniana.  This species was a problem from the start.  If I recall, I planted 25 Otzeniana seeds as part of the trio of pots that make up Lot #3.  One seed germinated.  One! There was no dampening off…no squished seedlings…no traumatic event.  Only one seed germinated.  Considering this, I wasn’t really all that hopeful that I would end up with any Lithops Otzeniana at the end of the day.  My hopes of growing this species rested on one little plant – not great odds.  As the weeks went by, my Otzeniana continued to grow stronger.  For a while, it was the largest seedling out of the trio of pots.  Lithops julii ssp. fulleri v. rouxii  was the first to go through the process of renewing leaves closely followed by Lithops karasmontana v lateritia.  How exciting!  I watched, not so patiently, for my little Otzeniana to start splitting open.  What would it look like?  What color/pattern will it have?

Nada, nothing, zip!  Lithops Otzeniana is as stubborn as they come.  To date, it has not even starting considering a leaf renewal.  There is nothing wrong with it, as far as I can tell.  It’s firm and healthy looking; standing proud, albeit alone, in it’s pot.  It just has NO desire to grow up or reveal itself.  

I suspect that once our royal Otzeniana graces us with it’s presence, it will be spectacular – a sight to behold!  Just don’t hold your breath because like most celebrities, she will make us wait. 

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Picture Day!



Karasmontana Seedlings

The surviving “Lateritia” seedlings.  They are looking pretty good 🙂



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