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Giving UP

Hey Guys,

It’s with a heavy a heart that I report I am thinking of giving up on our little “Peppermint Creme” seedlings.  They simply aren’t doing anything.  They aren’t growing and they aren’t dying…they are in Lithops Limbo.  Not a nice place to be.

I don’t intend to cull these seedlings, but simply hope to start a fresh pot that we can follow.  Is it possible that the “Peppermint Creme” seedlings were duds from the start?  Is my new house too cold, too dark, do I have funny water?  I am at a loss; I have not had difficulty growing Lithops from seed in the past.


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Happy Winter!

Happy Winter season.  From my Lithops to yours 😀

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Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – 4 mos, 1 wk

4 months and 1 week old and I do say, I think they are finally growing.  I have the seedlings under fluorescent lighting with the light source a mere 1/2 inch above the pot.  Seems to be doing the trick.  But…just as the seedlings finally start making gains, I’ve run into a ladybug problem!  The ladybugs are coming in from outside, looking for a warm place to stay over the winter and seem delighted to find sweet succulent Lithops to curb their appetites.  I find ladybugs in the pot feasting on our seedlings every time I look.  Not sure what to do about this problem 😦



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