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7 Month Old Dorotheae

My baby Dorotheae are 7 months old!  I have six so far, but two are quite small.  I’m still tempted to transplant them, given the amount of algae in this pot, but would like to wait until I have a few more.  With only three strong seedlings, I can’t really afford any losses :/


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Lava Flow

Wanna see something really precious?  These are my 1 year old Lava Flow babies!  I purchased them from Conos Paradise and am thrilled that they seem to be thriving under my care.  I’m not 100% sure what ‘Lava Flow’ is.  I know it is a hybrid and I’ve read somewhere that it is a Karasmontana, but there isn’t a lot of information out there about them to be sure.  Doesn’t matter, they are CUTE!  And I can’t wait until they are old enough to flower 🙂



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It’s Here! I got Pumice!!!

Okay, I’m a little excited.  My pumice arrived today!

This was quite the adventure.  As you may know, Pumice is impossible to source in Canada and many of the foreign suppliers no longer ship here.  Many growers, myself included, have been forced to find alternative substrates and I’ll be honest, I’m happy using chicken grit and turface!  But, if you hang out on a Lithops forum long enough, you’ll soon start to desire this unicorn of substrates they call Pumice too.  Is it really that amazing?  Is it worth the time and expense to ship it in?  Will my Lithops sigh with relief while I fill their pots with these new stones?  We shall see!!!

And because I’m a girl of my word, I’ll tell you where I got it from!  I ordered directly from a bonsai supply store in Texas –  And in the interest of full disclosure, it was expensive to get it here, but at this point, it was about the principal of getting it, not really about the stones anymore – LOL!

It’s also important to note that these stones are small (they also come in medium and large) so I bought a sieve to sift out the fines.  I’ll be able to use the fines for sowing seeds though so I don’t expect much waste.  I couldn’t imagine discarding any of it after what I went through to get it here!



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2014 Aucampiae Seedlings

I’m really proud of these.  I’m getting some nice colors in that pot!  I think I can see ‘Betty’s Beryl’, ‘Storm’s Snowcap’, and ‘Nugget’  🙂



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Then & Now

Last year, around this time, I was admiring my first homegrown seedlings.  They had just gone through their first leaf renewal and I remember being very impressed by some of the bright colors and intricate patterns I got out of the packages of mixed seeds I planted.  This one was definitely one of my favorites…remember him?  It was the most stunning little seedling out of the whole bunch!


I thought it would fun to share what it looks like now that it is a year older.  It’s gone through a few leaf renewals and it seems that the markings get more and more defined with every shed.  I still haven’t figured out what species it is, but I certainly remain impressed by it.  Pretty little thing, don’t you think?   🙂




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