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‘Zorro’ Baby #2

Zorro baby #2 showed itself today and it’s green!  I’m excited to see how it matures 😀


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Spontanious Death & Aucampiae

I went away for the weekend and came home to find my Aucampiae ‘Nugget’ had died.  It literally disappeared; the pot is empty.  It’s frustrating because the plant seemed very healthy when I left and was in the process of dividing into two heads.  I was only gone two days.

I’ve heard of this happening with Aucampiae before but it’s still a crumby feeling.  I was so excited to see if both heads would be fully emerged when I got home.  I regret not taking a photo before I left.  RIP little ‘Nugget’ 😦


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Dorotheae Kids

Dorotheae is hands down my favorite Lithops species.  I gave my imported adults away to a friend so all I have left in my collection are my six yearlings and the new 2015 babies that are just starting to shed out their baby leaves.  I still have a nice variety and the ‘Zorro’s’ are getting more beautiful by the day 🙂

Which is your favorite?

zorro4 zorro3 zorro2 zorro


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