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Winter Blahs

Some of the Lithops are looking pretty rough right now.  I suspect there will be some losses.  I’m not sure what is different over past years, but they seem to be a little worse for wear right now :/

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Final Watering of 2015

I watered the Lithops for the final time on the weekend.  Now they prepare for their winter slumber and annual renewal.  It’s sad to know that they will be sleeping for the next few months, but I look forward to seeing their new leaves in the Spring 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites.  This represents 5 out of approximately 30 pots.  I’ll post more pictures as the weeks go by.


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The Perfect Flowers for Me!

I have to apologize for neglecting the blog a little as of late.  I’ve had some personal commitments to tend to and my time has been greatly impacted.

Isn’t that the great thing about Lithops though?  You can go weeks and even months without ‘caring’ for them and they’ll be fine…dare I say, they’ll even thrive! What would I do without my Lithops ❤

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Seeing Double

Ten years ago, I found a little Lithops plant at Shelmerdine’s Greenhouse in Winnipeg, Manitoba. That little plant started an obsession! I thought it was just the coolest little thing.  Sadly, it didn’t survive the move to Ontario and I couldn’t find any here, so I tried to grow one from a seed. I killed 160 Lithops seedlings that year. I’m nothing if not determined, so I read everything I could on the Genus and tried again.

This is my first successful seeding! I planted it in March 2013. I’m proud that not only was it my first successful seedling, but now it’s my first homegrown Lithops to divide into a multi-headed plant. I think this must be what it’s like to watch your kid go off to college!  I’m beaming 😉


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And The Winner Is…

You guys really like your Terricolor ‘Speckled Gold’s’!  When I held the poll for favorite cultivar, ‘Speckled Gold’ came out on top and now again, in the most recent poll (What Should I Plant in 2015), ‘Speckled Gold’ is number one.  Well, your wish is my command.  I will sow a pot of ‘Speckled Gold’ just for you 🙂

Second in the poll was Dorotheae ‘Zorro’.  Not a surprise.  Perhaps you all know that is my favorite 😉

Lastly, there was a tie between Hallii ‘Green Soapstone’ and ‘Vallis-Mariae’.  These two couldn’t be more different so it’s going to be tough to decide.  So…I’m going to close my eyes and pick one!  And it’s going to be a surprise – haha!  And thanks to everyone for participating in my poll ❤

Stay tuned for the new 2015 seedlings soon!!!  FUN!

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