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This little guy has quite a story.  I purchased this plant, a Phalaenopsis orchid, a year ago.  I’ve babied it all winter and was thrilled when it threw up a flower spike in late winter!  Sadly, while trying to stake the spike, I broke it off.  Yes, off.  I was pretty upset but the plant was still in great condition so I decided to chalk it up to experience and try again next year.

Low and behold, the plant healed it’s damaged flower spike and pushed a second spike through the wound where I had damaged the first.  Not only that, it threw up another flower spike on the other side.  I was thrilled!  Two spikes in one season!!!  I didn’t dare try to stake these ones; I decided to let them grow wild 🙂

The first spike bloomed while the other spike was just starting to form buds.  Unfortunately, tragedy struck again when my cat knocked the plant off the shelf.  I lost the first spike and part of the plant.  I’ll tell you though, this plant is a trooper and the second spike continued to develop!  It is currently in bloom with six gorgeous tennis ball sized blooms!  Just lovely!  I doctored up the plant as best as I could and I think it’s healed very well.  I’m very please with my lovely orchid.  Not so pleased with the cat, but I’ll save that for another post 😉


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Conophytum Minimum “Wittebergense” Update

The experimental Conophytum pot seems to be thriving!  The little seedlings are now just shy of 3 months old and seem pretty sturdy.  I’m going to have to start doing some research on the group as right now, I have little clue on how to care for them.  I’ve read they are the opposite of Lithops in terms of growing season so I will have to adapt my schedules.  It will be fun having an active plant during the dark winter months when the Lithops are sleeping.

Here they are.  Aren’t they cute?!  Image

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Big Day for the Homegrown Lithops!

My homegrown lithops are now unruly teenagers at one year of age.  Many have gone through two or three regenerations already so I decided it’s time to start treating them like grown-ups.  I’ll tell ya, it was a tough a decision.  I know transplanting a Lithops is risky at this age and it truly was my hope to stretch it until they were two years old, but there was overcrowding and I felt they needed an opportunity to spread out and grow!

I choose to re-pot the yearlings into the adult soil mix.  Again, I might regret that decision later but if all goes well, I would like to avoid re-potting for the next few years so putting them into their permanent substrate made sense. 

These are my keepers…


In addition to re-potting my keepers from last year’s Spring planting session, I took the initiative to sow some of the many seeds I received over the winter.  I’ve planted what seems like a gazillion Aucampiae of various varieties.  I even have some Aucampiae Storms ‘Snowcap’ on the way!  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll work on sowing some Hallii seeds 🙂


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Normal Regeneration

Karasmontana ‘Bella’ and L.Dorotheae are experiencing a normal regeneration.  Aren’t they gorgeous!?! You’ll notice their colors have really ‘popped’ recently. The artificial light I used all winter burnt out and out of desperation, I replaced it with a UVB/UVA bulb designed for desert reptiles (I have a bearded dragon). The manufacturer claimed the bulb would bring out maximum colors in my pet; I wonder if it did the same for my plants!



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Okay, so I get a little over confident with my lesson on watering and my Lithops decide to humble me a little and throw me a curve ball!

I have no idea what is going on with my Terricolors.  I decided to mist them, as per my watering post, and noticed that the leaf renewal is not going how I expect it should go.  It appears my Terricolors are going through a second renewal at basically the same time as the first renewal???  If you look carefully, you can see (1) the old leaf pair on the outside starting to shrivel away (2) a new body emerging in the centre (3) another new new body starting to emerge from the middle of first new body?  What!?!

I don’t understand.  The other renewals – Karasmontana “Bella” & Dorotheae – are progressing well.  Advice?  Opinions?



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