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Happy Sowing Day, Conophytum!!!

The Conophytum are two years old (in two days)!!!  Aren’t they lovely?!  No blooms yet but all the plants are healthy and happy so I expect some blooms soon 🙂


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Want to See Something Cool?

Want to see something cool?  It’s a leaf renewal in my 2 year old (well, 1 year and 10 month old) Conophytum!  I had my fingers crossed hoping it was going to bloom but it turned out to be a new leaf.

So, I’m assuming now I have to withhold water until they all renew their leaves?  The literature in cultivation of this genus (at least English versions) is so lacking…I’m still completely in the dark.  But, IF this was a Lithops, I’d withhold water so that’s what I’m going to try.

P.S.  These are the first Conophytum I’ve grown and I grew them from seed!  I’m very proud of them to say the least 🙂



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The Conophytum Minimum ‘Wittebergense’ are a year and eight months old and are looking fantastic!!!  One of the plants divided this summer so I think they are doing very well.  Maybe there will be flowers this year?  Fingers crossed!


The Conophytum Ursprungianum babies from 2015 have finally shed their baby leaves.  I’ve ended up with only two and I blame the change in substrate; I think it was too course for the tiny seeds.  Anyway, the two I have are perfectly beautiful and I look forward to watching them grow.



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Oh my goodness!  I’m soooooo excited (yes, I’m a botany geek)!!!  The conophytum have come back to life and they look perfect!  I was so skeptical but everything I read was true.  They shrivel up to nothing over the summer (seriously, they were just dried up paper sheaths and I was ready to dispose of them) but come back to life with the first watering of Fall!

They did come back to life; they did!!!!  😀


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Well, the Conophytum look thoroughly sad, so…I guess I’m doing it right???



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