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5 Month Old Conophytum

It’s takes a lot of patience to grow Lithops.  It take more to grow Conophytum.

These guys are 5 months old…almost 6…and there isn’t much going on in that pot!  The largest plant is going through a bit of a change.  It’s outer leaves have dried up to a papery sheath and are starting to split.  Everyone else is business as usual.  In their defense, their caregiver (me) has no idea how to care for them properly.  I’ve been treating them the same as Lithops seedlings, possibly to their detriment; I’m a bit out of my element, I’m afraid :/


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I Have a Secret Admirer

When I arrived at work this morning, I found a little Lithops sitting on my chair!  No note, nothing.  I suspect it’s Lithops Olivacea v. Olivacea but am not 100% sure.  The plant is a double head but is in pretty rough shape.  I’ve re-potted it and am hoping for the best!  While I’m not really keen on the idea of having a secret admirer, I am smitten by the plant 🙂



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When to Water: A Photo Tutorial

Over watering is the number one cause of death in Lithops and is often the most confusing aspect of Lithops care for novice growers, but once you understand what you are looking for, it is really very simple. The plant will tell you when to water; listen to the plant 🙂

In the photo on the left, the Lithops is thirsty and is asking for water.  How do I know?  Look carefully at the red arrows and you will notice distinct wrinkling on the shoulder of the plant.  This is the plant’s way of telling you, “I’m thirsty”!  In the photo to the right, you see the same Lithops, two days later, after a good drink.  Notice how the shoulders are now smooth and the plant looks plump?  We call this a “turgid” plant.  This plant is once again completely hydrated and happy!  Don’t water again until you notice the distinct wrinkles appear on the shoulders.


In the case of this particular plant, it took a day or so after watering for it plump up again.  When I water, I like to give my Lithops a good drink.  They are all planted in well draining soil, so I have no hesitation in giving them a good soaking at watering time.

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New Poll!

I know I have quite a few visitors to the blog so I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone’s favorite Lithops cultivars are!  I don’t think it’s a secret that I LOVE L.Dorotheae ‘Zorro’…now I want to know what YOU like 🙂

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Another Month Gone By!

Another month has gone by and the 2014 seedlings continue to flourish. I continue to water them twice a day with a good soaking on the weekend. They live under lights, indoors, with approximately 12 hours of light a day. I do my best to mimic what is happening outside. I’m excited to see what these guys will look like as they go through their first leaf renewal, but experience tells me that I have at least a month, and maybe more, to wait before that happens.

The Aucampiae seedlings are getting so BIG! In this pot, I have a mix including Storm’s Snowcap and Kurumen form. The seeds were purchased from three different sources so I should have a nice variety here. I love the deep purple tones of some of the seedlings.


The Dorotheae pot continues to grow at a slow pace.  I can see some brand new seedlings so I think some slow pokes are still germinating.  There are also a few really large seedlings which makes me really wonder what I’m going to get out of this pot!  I sowed seeds for Zorro in this pot so I hope for some really stunning plants.


If you followed the blog while the 2013 seedlings were developing, you’ll know that I didn’t have much luck with Otzeniana last year.  I have quite a few robust specimens this year so I’m hoping my luck has turned around!  Most of the Otzeniana seeds came from Hong Kong, so I looked far and wide for these guys.


And finally, I have a ‘mish mash’ pot; it has an eclectic mix of Verruculosa, Karasmontana, and Lesliei!  I ended up with a few packets of misc seeds so I just threw them together to see what would happen.  I think this will be the prettiest pot once the first true leaves appear 🙂