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Here We Go Again!

Alright!  I have a bucket load of dorotheae seeds.  Wanna try growing some baby Lithops Again?  😀


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Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – Day 0

Hi All!

I’m not even going to make an excuse as to why I haven’t posted in almost a year.  Life.  ugh.

Instead, we are going to follow a new batch of Lithops.  The 2018 Lithops are Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’.  Their sowing day was today and we are going to follow them for the next year!  I am looking forward to watching them grow.  I haven’t had baby Lithops in forever!

Here they are at Day Zero!!!  Be sure to check back often.  I will be updating the site every Sunday 🙂

peppermint creme


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2016 Seeds

This year, I’m planting late.  But I’m still super excited about what’s coming!

We can expect a pot each of:

  • Lithops dorotheae ‘Zorro’
  • Lithops julii ssp. julii ‘Peppermint Crème’

Stay tuned for pictures 🙂

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2015 Line Up

The new seeds are starting to come in! On the roster for 2015, we have…

  • C166 Vallis-Mariae
  • C111A Hallii var. Ochracea cv “Green Soapstone”
  • Dorotheae ‘Zorro’ (only 10 seeds…there was a cap on how many I could buy)
  • C124 Dorotheae
  • F357 Dorotheae
  • C300 Dorotheae
  • C345A Terricolor ‘Speckled Gold’ (I had to get some after they won our poll on favorite Lithops cultivars 🙂 )
  • C146 Schwantesii
  • C165 Schwantesii Gebseri
  • C074 Schwantesii Urikosensis

And then…I have a bit of a confession to make. I’ve recently become interested in other Mesembs and have some different types of seeds coming. These would be…

  • Monilaria Moniliformis
  • Frithia Humilis
  • Frithia Pulchra
  • Titanopsis Hugo-Schlechteri
  • Titanopsis Schwantesii

I’m really going to need a greenhouse now!  And once everything is nicely established, I’ve decided to join our local cactus & succulent guild.  It will be fun to meet some like minded people 🙂


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Terricolor ‘Silver Spurs’

The winner of the poll I did a while back for ‘Favorite Cultivar’ was a tie between Optica Rubra and Terricolor ‘Speckled Gold’.  Thanks to everyone who played along!

I was actually surprised the Terricolor did so well.  I’ve always liked them, but they seem to be a little under appreciated.  Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the results and to celebrate, I planted some Terricolor seeds!  I didn’t have ‘Speckled Gold’, but I did have ‘Silver Spurs’ so that’s what I planted.  I can’t wait until they germinate and I find out how many I’ll have.  I only had a few seeds, 10 to be exact, so I’m hoping for a great germination rate.  Fingers crossed!

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Posted by on August 9, 2014 in Seeds, Terricolor