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Otzeniana – As Promised

I promised an updated picture of the 2014 Otzeniana babies.  They are 10 months old and getting BIG!  They are looking a little ratty right now, but I think that’s because they are getting ready to renew their leaves.


This is what they looked like at eight months…they’ve easily doubled in size ❤


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Otzeniana Update

The Otzeniana babies are doing amazing!  You wouldn’t believe how big they’ve gotten; they are really thriving in the adult soil mix!  Pictures soon 🙂

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2014 Otzeniana Keepers!!!

I’ve selected my keepers from the 2014 Otzeniana seedlings and have potted them up into their adult soil mix.  Hopefully all eleven survive the move.  I tried to preserve a good selection of patterns and colors (difficult to discern at this age) but in the end, I mostly chose the largest and strongest for my collection 🙂

Aren’t they just the sweetest Otzeniana’s you’ve ever seen?  Fingers crossed they continue to do well!



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2014 Otzeniana Update

The Otzeniana seedlings are 8 months old and doing fantastic!  I have 25 hardy plants and will be transplanting them to their more permanent location next weekend.  I can’t wait to see these seedlings grow up!  I can already see variety in the pot with some blues, greens, and yellows 🙂



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Introducing my 2014 Otzeniana seedlings!  Do you remember the trouble I had with this species last summer?  Well, this year I have three and many more that are starting to go through their first shed.  So far, all the of them are green but I do have a few reddish cotyledons so I’m hoping there is going to be some variety in this pot.  Isn’t the little guy cute?  He’s so tiny  🙂

008 004

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