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Lot #4 Update

And finally, an update on the new seedlings.  At this point, I will say that I will not be growing seedlings using this method anymore.  The bark in the soil mix has gone moldy in the humid air that is trapped under the plastic during germination.  The plastic is now off and I’ve increased air flow around the pots to try to prevent the mold from becoming a huge problem.  The soil I topped the third pot with was too heavy and I have lost a couple Verruculosa seedlings to dampening off.  It just doesn’t dry quickly enough and becomes quite saturated by even a fine mist from my spray bottle.  I also had a very hard time getting the seedlings to anchor to it and spent much time trying to prop them up and build a little mound of soil around them.  I think these ones will be okay now, but I’m very guarded in how I treat them.

Anyway, this was an experiment and it has confirmed, in my mind at least, that my original method of germinating seedlings was the best (clay pots and sand mixture).  I’m still hopeful these seedlings will do well, it’s just been a bit more of a headache than I had hoped.



Lot #4 – Preliminary Observations

It’s been one week since I planted my forth lot of seeds.  I choose to sow directly on the gravel mix I use for my adult plants rather than the sandy baby mix I used last summer.  I planted one pot each of Dorotheae, Aucampie, and Verruculosa.  The Verruculosa pot was given a topping of cactus soil to see if it would provide a better substrate for the tiny seedlings to anchor to. 

I am very pleased to report that I have 100% germination in all three pots!  I’ve never been this successful in the past, so I’m certainly going to take note.  Sadly, I was in a rush when I planted them so will need to “thin the herd” as they grow. 

The Aucampie seedlings look very strong and robust.  I’m very pleased with them.  The Dorotheae are smaller, but still look to be quite hardy.  It’s interesting to see in this pot, the tiny seedlings have had to push the bark chips aside to reach the light.   They are so tiny and yet, so strong!  The Verruculosa seedlings appear taller and a little leggy, but it’s hard to gauge as they are growing on a smooth surface, whereas the others are nestled into the crevices between the stones.  My very initial observation in the Verruculosa pot was that the soil stayed very very wet.  I worried about dampening off, but happily I was wrong and everyone looks to be doing well! 

As I already have 100% germination, I’ve removed the plastic covers from the pots.  It will be interesting to see how quickly the “gravel only” pots dry out as compared to the pot that has the top dressing.  I greatly look forward to watching these babes grow 🙂 



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Lot #4 – Sowing Date November 13th, 2013

I’m doing an experiment of sorts.  I’ve sown seeds directly onto the gravel and bark mix I’m using with the adult Lithops.  I’d like to see how they make out.  My concern is that the mix is too course and the air pockets between the stones will not allow the tiny seedling roots to really anchor in, but I’ve been reading so many reports of people sowing directly on to pumice with great success, I wanted to give it a go.  I have a bazillion Dorotheae seeds so I’m using 15 or so of those in addition to 15 Aucampie v Aucampie seeds.  We should know in a few days what the germination rate is.  Oh, and I guess this is also an experiment for sowing in the fall/winter in the North 🙂

Stay Tuned!!!


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