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2014 Lesliei ‘Albinica’ Keepers

While I had no intention of sowing more ‘Albinica’, fate decided I needed them!  These are the keepers.


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2014 Verruculosa ‘Rose of Texas’ Keepers

Keeper ‘Rose of Texas’ seedlings.  I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about these ❤


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2014 Aucampiae Keepers

26 seedlings made the cut 🙂


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2014 Oddities

I have discovered a few anomalies in the seedlings produced in 2014.  Firstly, we have this teeny tiny little Lithops I just discovered growing under one of the ‘Rose of Texas’ seedlings.  It is neither a ‘Rose of Texas’ nor an ‘Albinica’.  So what is it and where did it come from?  At this point, it really is too tiny to tell :/


Then we have this guy.  He isn’t really an oddity, just odd that he is in a pot full of Aucampiae!!!  I have no idea what this one is either.


And finally, these two seedlings are really odd.  They are egg shaped and lack distinct fissures!  I’m tempted to cull them but my curiosity is also peaked so maybe I will transplant them into their own pot and see what happens.  Weird though, hey?


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For the ‘Wish List’

Have you seen Lithops gracilidelineata ssp. gracilidelineata v. gracilidelineata ‘Café au Lait’?  Oh my, I must have one!  o.0

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