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2014 Mixed Lot @ 5 Months

Almost 5 months old and the first cotyledon has renewed it’s leaves!  I’m pretty sure this one is Karasmontana “Opalina” but it could also be Verruculosa “Rose of Texas”.  I do have Lesliei Fred’s Red Head in this pot, but this little guy isn’t the right color to be one 😉



Another Month Gone By!

Another month has gone by and the 2014 seedlings continue to flourish. I continue to water them twice a day with a good soaking on the weekend. They live under lights, indoors, with approximately 12 hours of light a day. I do my best to mimic what is happening outside. I’m excited to see what these guys will look like as they go through their first leaf renewal, but experience tells me that I have at least a month, and maybe more, to wait before that happens.

The Aucampiae seedlings are getting so BIG! In this pot, I have a mix including Storm’s Snowcap and Kurumen form. The seeds were purchased from three different sources so I should have a nice variety here. I love the deep purple tones of some of the seedlings.


The Dorotheae pot continues to grow at a slow pace.  I can see some brand new seedlings so I think some slow pokes are still germinating.  There are also a few really large seedlings which makes me really wonder what I’m going to get out of this pot!  I sowed seeds for Zorro in this pot so I hope for some really stunning plants.


If you followed the blog while the 2013 seedlings were developing, you’ll know that I didn’t have much luck with Otzeniana last year.  I have quite a few robust specimens this year so I’m hoping my luck has turned around!  Most of the Otzeniana seeds came from Hong Kong, so I looked far and wide for these guys.


And finally, I have a ‘mish mash’ pot; it has an eclectic mix of Verruculosa, Karasmontana, and Lesliei!  I ended up with a few packets of misc seeds so I just threw them together to see what would happen.  I think this will be the prettiest pot once the first true leaves appear 🙂



2014 Kids – Update!

The 2014 seedlings are between one and two months old.  They are doing great!  I estimate I have approximately 300 and check it out, even my Otzeniana seedlings have germinated!  Most of the seedlings are cultivars this year and come from Germany and New Mexico.  I have a really nice mix and can’t wait to watch them mature 🙂

Image Image Image 




Are you sitting down? 

Remember how disappointed I was when I didn’t receive any Dorotheae ‘Zorro’ seeds in my order from Mesa Gardens?  Remember how I said Dorotheae ‘Zorro’ is by far my favorite Lithops cultivar of all time?  Well…

Guess who just ordered 100 Dorotheae ‘Zorro’ seeds with guaranteed delivery!  Squee!!!!  I can’t wait until planting season!  😀


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