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I Have A Confession To Make…

I have a confession to make….

I went away for ten days and instructed my house sitter to NOT water my Lithops. I did this because the last time I went away, they got over watered and I lost a couple adults. Unfortunately, baby Lithops don’t seem to do well after 10 days of no water. I lost MANY of them and sadly, I think I may be restricted to two ‘Zorro’ and possibly zero of the Terricolors for 2015 😦

BTW, the adults are loving the neglect! I came back to many happy faces! It’s nice to know that once the plants are mature, an extended vacation is no big deal for them at all.

All is not lost on the baby seedling front either, I guess. At least I still have this little cutie ❤


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The Conophytum Minimum ‘Wittebergense’ are a year and eight months old and are looking fantastic!!!  One of the plants divided this summer so I think they are doing very well.  Maybe there will be flowers this year?  Fingers crossed!


The Conophytum Ursprungianum babies from 2015 have finally shed their baby leaves.  I’ve ended up with only two and I blame the change in substrate; I think it was too course for the tiny seeds.  Anyway, the two I have are perfectly beautiful and I look forward to watching them grow.



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