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Another Division!

The L. Lesliei ‘Albinica’ pot is really making me proud this Spring.  I have another division and this time it’s one of the green plants 🙂


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Lesliei ‘Albinica’

3 year old L.Lesliei ‘Albinica’. I grew these from seed and I’m pretty sure they were from my first sowing (not counting the first batch of 160 that I killed). They are looking pretty sad right now from a tough Winter but the new leaves are nice and plump so they’ll be pretty again soon. More importantly, check out the double head in the centre right! I love when they divide. These plants are now old enough to bloom! Hopefully we’ll see some flowers in the Fall.

Speaking of tough Winters, my prettiest ‘Zorro’ took a real beating.  Fingers crossed it pulls through.


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Mature Lesliei

I’m hoping for flowers this year 🙂


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Albinica – 2 Years

Wanna see something beautiful?  My 2 year old Lesliei ‘Albinica’ babies are almost all grown up!  I’m so proud of these guys.  I planted them from seed in 2013.  It’s been amazing to watch them grow into these beauties.  I hope for blooms soon.  Maybe next year!!!


This was them a year ago…


And a year before that… 🙂



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Lesliei is Waking Up!

The Lesliei’s have made it through the winter and are starting to renew!  It’s amazing watching the new leaves emerge!  About 1/2 my stock have started the process of renewing their leaves.  Lesliei v ‘Hornii’ is going to be stunning 🙂



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