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Julii Fulleri Rouxii Seedlings!

Aren’t they stunning?!  I love the markings on these ones 🙂



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Bad News…

Tragedy has struck.  I was so proud of my little Karasmontana ‘Lateritia’ seedlings…I wanted to show them off.  I set them up near my best light source, turned to get the camera, and at that exact moment, my dog got over excited and overturned the pot. Not only did he overturn the pot, but he stomped all over the little seedlings as they lay helplessly on the floor.  I’ve tried to salvage what I can, but I’m not sure any will survive.  It was pretty traumatic for all involved  😦 

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Good News…

The sickly Terricolor is actually looking better so I’m quite confident it has managed to grow some roots!  Remember how mushy it was looking on top?  It’s now smooth and is showing off it’s beautiful Terricolor pattern.  It’s almost finished blooming so It’s just about ready to go into it’s dry season.  I’m tempted to give it a splash of water as it is wrinkled on the sides, but I think I will just let it go dry until next Spring and see what happens.  Good idea or too much tough love?


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Okay, these aren’t Lithops, but…

I just have to share.  Last winter, I rescued three tiny miniature Oncidium orchids from a big chain hardware store.  They were in rough shape so I think I only paid 25 cents for each plant.  I didn’t expect them to make it, to be honest, but tonight I noticed something amazing!  They are about to bloom!!!  I can’t believe it…so excited 😀

I believe these are miniature Oncidium Twinkles, but will know for sure once they bloom!


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