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2014 Otzeniana Keepers!!!

I’ve selected my keepers from the 2014 Otzeniana seedlings and have potted them up into their adult soil mix.  Hopefully all eleven survive the move.  I tried to preserve a good selection of patterns and colors (difficult to discern at this age) but in the end, I mostly chose the largest and strongest for my collection 🙂

Aren’t they just the sweetest Otzeniana’s you’ve ever seen?  Fingers crossed they continue to do well!



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The Nursery

I took inventory today.  I have 74 Lithops seedlings.  How did that happen!

The oldest seedlings are now 14 weeks, the ones in the large pot are 11 weeks, and the babies are 8 weeks.  Holy slow growing Batman!  I expect the oldest guys will start thinking about growing some adult leaves soon…our next milestone.  Everyone seems to be doing well, especially the youngest ones, so I’m hopeful I’ll have a nice little collection in a year or two 🙂


A group shot…this is everyone!Image


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The little lithops are doing well.  I’ve been ignoring my blog as nothing is really happening right now.  Lithops grow so slowly…I’m not seeing much change at all these days. 

The little green seedling from Lot #1 still doesn’t look very good.  I’m not sure if it’s just starting to grow it’s adult leaves or if it has suffered some kind of damage.  That Lot still isn’t firmly rooted in their new pot following the transplant but it’s been more than a few weeks so I don’t think I’m at risk of losing any.  Karasmontana took a spill this morning when a curious Aussie stuck his nose into the pot, but I don’t think any damage was done.

Lot #1 – 12 weeks
Lot #2 – 9 weeks
The Rest – 6 weeks



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Lot #3 @ 3 weeks :)


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Picture Day!

I had the seedlings out for a soaking so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get some photos!  Everyone seems to be doing well.  Here they are from youngest to oldest.

2 Weeks Old Seedlings…


5 Week Old Seedlings….


8 Week Old Seedlings…


Sadly, I only have one Otzeniana seedling but at least it looks strong!  I’m still worried about Lot #1.  They have not anchored well following the transplant on Monday.  My fingers are still crossed for them.

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