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2014 Dorotheae

I planted a handful of Dorotheae C300 last Spring and threw in 10 ‘Zorro’ seeds I sourced in New Mexico.  They are now 7 months old and looking great!  I certainly have two varieties, but I’m unsure of which are the ‘Zorro’.  We’ll have to wait until they are a little older to know for sure.

I was lucky enough to find 10 more ‘Zorro’ seeds from another grower so I’ll plant more next Spring.  This time I’ll have a pot dedicated just for them; turns out I actually hate not knowing what each seedling is – haha! 🙂


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Lithops Lesliei Collection

How many do you see?



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Hello Red Dot!

I don’t know how well this is going to show in the photo, but the latest seedling to renew it’s leaves in my mixed pot has the most stunning red dots!  If you remember a few months ago, I was enamored by a seedling that was darker than the rest; this is it!  I can’t wait to see how the red is going to work into it’s markings.  This is an interesting fellow for sure!

I’ve affectionately named it “Red Dot” 🙂




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The Two Leslieis…

It was evident from the beginning that I had two different colour varieties in my Lot of Lesliei Albinica seedlings.  Now that they are trading in their baby leaves for the adult skins, the difference is quite striking!

Isn’t it amazing how well the dark green variety has camouflaged with the surrounding gravel?  It is an understated beautiful.  I have two of this type.  The light green variety really pops in the pot and is very beautiful.  I have five of this type.  The patterns on the two types are virtually the same…they are just different colours.



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And Who do we Have Here???

My first Lesliei Albinica to renew it’s leaves.  I had to help it along, which I understand is a big ‘no-no’, but it was really struggling and was starting to grow at a weird angle  =\




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