Dorotheae Seedlings Update

Update on our 2018 Dorotheae Seedlings!   They are starting to shed their baby leaves and their adult colors and patterns are starting to emerge!  I can already see that there are a few nice ‘Zorros’ in the bunch.  What a relief after the drama we had with the ‘Peppermint Creme’ seedlings.  I am feeling vindicated 🙂


The next few weeks will be super fun as these little guys finish shedding.  I am looking forward to seeing all the different patterns.

In the end, I didn’t do anything special to ensure these seedlings thrived.  I think we just had bad luck and the ‘Peppermint Creme’ seeds were not viable for whatever reason.  What a relief to know that there isn’t something about my new house that would make it hard to grow Lithops.  Phew!  Thanks for tagging along and sharing in this success!

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Grrr …quite sure we have some conophytum seedlings mixed in with our baby dorotheae.  This is bad news; Conophytum have exactly the opposite requirements as Lithops!

Pics soon.





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L.Dortheae Update

The young Dortheae seedlings are doing very well!  The only change I’ve made for these seedlings over the ‘pepper cremes’ is to their water.  I’m not using my well water this time…I’m melting snow for them (we have lots of that right now!).

This week, I will be thinning them out.  They have grown in quite thick in spots, as you can see.


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Mixed Dorotheae – 1 Week Old

Here are our little Dorotheae seedlings.  They have nice color and the fissures are already visible.  I think this is a good batch.


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We Have Seedlings!

We have seedlings!  Many of them!!!  The Dorotheae seeds have sprouted and are looking strong.

Pictures soon 😀

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