Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – Day 19

19 days old!!!



I moved all the Lithops, including our little ‘Peppermint Cremes’, outside.  They are on a covered deck but get south/east sunlight filtered through the leaves of some taller trees.  They seem to be handling the transition well.

I have removed the plastic cover.  The seedlings need to be misted a few times a day to ensure they don’t dry out.  Once a week, I set them in a sink full of water, almost up to the rim of the pot, and let the soil media soak up the moisture through the bottom and sides of the pot.  This week, I added a tiny amount of general purpose plant fertilizer to the weekly soak water.  This is the period where they need a lot of care.  Once they get their first true leaves, we will be able to relax a bit 🙂

I don’t water seedlings from above, always from the bottom.  The young Lithops are too sensitive to be watered from above.  It is okay to mist them lightly, but when you give them a good drink, let them pull it up from the bottom of the pot.


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Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – Day 12

12 days old!  They are getting big!

They are a little spindly looking for my taste so I think I’m going to put them under plant lights.  We have had a super rainy summer so I think they are not getting enough sunlight in the sun room.  Go figure!

Aren’t they adorable though?!  I will count them this week 🙂



This week was another week where I just tried to leave them alone and let them grow.  Because my soil mix is so high in the pot, I had to trade out my plastic wrap top for a ziplock bag tent!  Haha!  I also let them go without a plastic cover for two of the warmest days last week – just trying to toughen them up a bit.  I did have to spritz them with water on those days as it evaporates much more quickly without the cover.


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Are You a Beginner?

I was just reading through the posts when I got to the most recent post about the 2014 Lesliei ‘Albinica’ plants.   If you are a beginner  (And we ALL were at one point), I highly recommend this variety as a GREAT beginner Lithops.  They truly are a hardy variety and forgiving of common beginner mistakes.  They are tolerant, grow into robust plants, divide easily, and are reliable bloomers.  What more can you ask?!  Check them out!  I think they are one of the prettiest Lithops too!  I love my ‘albinica’ 🙂

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2014 Lesliei ‘Albinica’

A group of healthy, albeit tall, Albinica Lithops.  These poor souls were at the back of the shelf and found themselves reaching for the sun.

They are in good condition, however, and most have already divided.  I think I started with 5 in this pot…maybe 7.


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Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – Day 5

We have babies!!!  I know I’m supposed to post tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to share the news!  Looks like we got high percent germination too  🙂


Step by Step

It’s been 5 days since we sowed our little peppermint creme seeds.  If you recall, I covered them with plastic wrap and put them in a location where they would get bright, but indirect sunlight.  That’s all I did!  There was enough moisture in the pot so I didn’t need to mist them.  I just let them sit and grow.

I have a sun room.  I was a bit concerned because it gets very very hot in there during the afternoons, but over night and mornings are chilly.  The little Lithops didn’t seem to mind!  They are tough lil guys.  I think they germinated in record time.

Tips n’ Tricks

How did I know there was enough moisture in the pot?  If there is moisture in the pot, water droplets/condensation will form on the inside of the plastic wrap.  As long as that is there, no need to water, they have enough to drink 😀


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