Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – Day 40

13 Aug

The seedlings are fattening up!  That didn’t take long at all.  I see some nice fat ones in the pot now 😀



Light.  This week, I bought a plant light.  The seedlings are under the light for approximately 12 hours a day.  I have already seen a BIG improvement in their condition.  So, my advise, if you don’t have access to extended hours of bright natural sunlight, buy a light.

This is the one I purchased.  Plant Light

Next year, I propose we start two pots of seeds.  One will use natural light and the other will use the plant light.  All other variables will be the same.  Then we will know if the light doing the trick!  Actually, we could have more pots and text out different kinds of lights!  This is my first time using LED.

Water.  I am still misting the seedlings three times a day.  Once a week, I have resting the pot in a sink of room temperature water until I can just start to see the water being pulled to the top of the substrate.  I do this so the seedlings will grow deep tap roots.  As the water recedes and starts to dry (always from the top down) the seedlings will be encouraged to put out longer roots as they search for the last remaining moisture.  The misting will keep them hydrated through the skin and shallow roots while they work hard to become established.

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