Julii ‘Peppermint Creme’ – Day 26

31 Jul

Hi Guys!

So sorry I missed my Sunday Post.  My dog hurt his paw and I ended up spending all day Sunday in the emergency vet clinic.  He is going to be okay, but now he has to wear a silly cone on his head to stop him from licking his foot.  He isn’t too happy about it 😦

Anyway, about our little ‘Peppermint Cremes’.  We are on day 26 and to be honest, I’m not happy with their growth.  They are spindly and weak.  If you recall, these seedlings are outside under natural light conditions.  I don’t think it’s enough.  I’ve purchased a grow light (to be delivered soon) to hopefully fatten them up.  I have *always* grown my seedlings under lights and had great success so hopefully we can turn these little guys around.


The light I purchased is a bit of an experiment.  I ordered this one… Plant Light .  I have not tried LED before but people seem to like them.  If it works well, I will be purchasing the bigger flood lights from this company for my winter set up 🙂


No step-by-step this week as I haven’t technically done anything with our seedlings other then mist them daily!

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