2014 Karasmontana ‘Opalina’

11 Jan

Eight months ago, I sowed a pot with a bunch of misc. seed packets I had laying around.  There were Verruculosa ‘Rose of Texas’, Karasmontana ‘Opalina’, and Fred’s Red Head seeds.  The Fred’s Red Head turned out to be Albinica (grrrr…) but the ‘Rose of Texas’ and ‘Opalina’ sowed true to type!  The ‘Opalina’ was the first to germinate and the first to shed and it was STUNNING!  I was so looking forward to a pot full of these guys!  Unfortunately, only one out of ten germinated.  Meh, at least it’s pretty 🙂

Karasmontana ‘Opalina’ is a BIG Lithops so maybe it’s a good thing this little guy was a singleton!


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