Water Bombs

20 Sep

It is important to note that Lithops, unlike other plants, have not evolved the ability to stop taking up water once they’ve had their fill. Lithops evolved in very hot and very dry conditions and it was important for them to take in all available water whenever the opportunity presented itself. In their natural habitat, it was rare for there to ever be an overabundance of water so the Lithops genus never needed to self-regulate their water intake. When you think of this, it makes sense that if you over water a Lithops, it will drink until it bursts – literally!  So we need to discard the old wives tale that ALL plants will only take up as much water as they need.  That is simply not the case for our charmingly unique Lithops.

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Posted by on September 20, 2014 in Lithops Care, Wouldn't You Like to Know


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