Sandy vs Organic Soil Mix

10 Aug

As promised, I’ve mixed together a new soil mix using sand in the place of cactus and volcanic soil.  I did this to maintain the consistency of my mix, but reduce how rich it is in terms of nutrients.  Ratios are not quite 1:1:1:1 as in the organic mix, but that’s because I feel substrates used for Lithops, regards of type, should not clump together and form a ball when squeezed.  Using equal parts sand in my mix caused it to pack together too tightly, so I reduced the amount of sand.  Sadly, I was in a rush and didn’t count my scoops 😦  Roughly, I think this is the recipe:

  • 1.5 parts river rock
  • 1.5 parts clay gravel
  • 1.5 parts perlite
  • 1 part course sand

Doesn’t it look a lot like the substrate Lithops grow in naturally?  I’m excited to see how these two mixes stack up against the gritty (bonsai) mix!


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Posted by on August 10, 2014 in Lithops Care


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