2014 Kids – Update!

05 Jun

The 2014 seedlings are between one and two months old.  They are doing great!  I estimate I have approximately 300 and check it out, even my Otzeniana seedlings have germinated!  Most of the seedlings are cultivars this year and come from Germany and New Mexico.  I have a really nice mix and can’t wait to watch them mature 🙂

Image Image Image 



2 responses to “2014 Kids – Update!

  1. Bobby Galbreath

    June 16, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    Lithops are indeed interesting. My son found one for me, unfortunately, I haven’t learned the proper care schedule for it …. it has started to shrivel at the base, and I thing its days are numbered. They are rather difficult to find, especially when you are looking for one specifically. I’d appreciate some advice on where I could go to replace the one that I have, either by mail or in the Ottawa area.

    I would really appreciate your advice if you get a chance,

    Thanks so much …. Bobby

  2. bonseyes

    June 16, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    Hi Bobby! I’ve never seen adult Lithops for sale in Ottawa although someone told me they bought one from Lowes once; I think it’s really hit and miss though as I’ve tried looking when we are in those types of stores and haven’t had any luck.

    I have purchased Lithops from Cono’s Paradise in Germany with very good results. I know it seems a bit extravagant but shipping isn’t too bad (approximately five euros) and the plants are well priced and super healthy/robust. That would be my recommendation to you. The website is


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