Lot #3 Update

10 Jan

My pure strain Lithops were planted in Lot #3.  I planted Otzeniana, Julli Fulleri Rouxii, and Karasmontana Lateritia.  I had a great germination rate in two out of three pots and two out of three pots continue to thrive today!  The temperamental one of the bunch, remains Otzeniana.  I sowed 10 Otzeniana seeds but only one germinated.  To this day, it has yet to shed it’s baby leaves.  But there is hope…the fissure is starting to open…it’s just in no rush at all!



2 responses to “Lot #3 Update

  1. Bob Stewart

    January 12, 2014 at 2:54 am

    Hi. The L. karasmontana ‘Lateritia’ plants look great. Nice color. They should develop into some very attractive adult plants. Good breeding stock. The L. julii subsp. fulleri var. rouxii plants are nice too. The window colors are on the bluish side, which will make some beautiful plants if the rubrications turn out more red than brown. It is really interesting to watch lithops mature and the colors take on their true, and vibrant hues. I hope the otzeniana survives, it’s always better if at least one plant survives out of a seed batch. It won’t be long before you have a lot of nice lithops. Thanks for sharing you experiences and results, I’ve enjoyed it. I am trying to control my number of plants and don’t sow much seed anymore. It’s nice to share the seed growing fun through your plants. My lithops collection has topped out at about 80 plants. You can see my lithops collection summering outside here:

  2. bonseyes

    January 12, 2014 at 2:15 pm

    Thanks Bob. Yes, some of the Lateritia are brilliantly colored and should make gorgeous specimens once they are fully mature. I seem to have good luck with Karasmontana in general.

    Your collection is stunning! Makes me impatient for mine to grow up 🙂 Do you keep them in your winter cold frame during the resting period? I intend to purchase a three tier stand with lights to winter my collection indoors next year. I’m planting quite a few seeds this spring so will certainly need the room! It’s not really an attractive solution though.


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