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Three Weeks

Three Weeks

First lot of mixed seeds @ 3 weeks.

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Sowing Day #2

Today, I planted 100 mixed Lithops seeds and a dozen or so Lesliei Albinica seeds.  Hopefully we have some seedlings emerge following the long weekend!  I tried very carefully to plant the seeds individually in well spaced rows, but if you’ve ever seen a Lithops seed, you’ll know that is not an easy task.  The Lesliei seeds were larger so it was easier to space them out appropriately, but  many of the mixed seeds landed in pairs or worse, clumps.  I’m hoping for 50% germination rate, but that may be optimistic.  I used a different soil mix this time around.  I mixed 2 parts cactus soil, 1 part sand, and 1 part perilite for the base, topped that with a millimeter of fine sand, planted the seeds in rows (to the best of my ability) and then topped the rows with a scattering of medium/course sand to act as an anchor for the seedlings.  I also sterilized the soils in the oven before use to  prevent algae growth as I have noticed some algae in the pot I planted earlier.  Otherwise, my methods are the same.  The new pot is covered, just as before, and is sharing the growth light with my three week old seedlings.  I did find a more appropriate pot though…one with drainage holes.  Fingers crossed we get a good germination rate!

EDIT: We’ve had a mini tsunami during watering and I’m sure the seeds have all scattered. Hopefully some still germinate 😥

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